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Cordless Phones

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DTZ-8R-1 Cordless DECT Telephone
  • Part #: SL2-Q24-FR000000119653
  • Model: DTZ-8R-1

The redesigned NEC DECT Cordless phone offers an impressive new look, while still delivering solid performance and usability.

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Cordless DECT Repeater 730649
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113111
  • Old Part #: 730649

This repeater expands the range of your DECT cordless phone up to 250 feet giving you the freedom to carry your cordless phone around the office. You can add multiple repeaters per DECT phone, each one expanding the range even more.

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ML440 Cordless Handset 730650
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113112
  • Old Part #: 730650

With a vivid display featuring graphical icons and up to 100 phonebook entries available, the cordless ML440 assures that your top customers are just a touch of a button away.

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AP20 Access Point for the ML440 Cordless Handset 730651
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113113
  • Old Part #: 730651

This PoE Access Point can register up to 30 ML440 cordless phones and 10 calls simultaneously with a range of up to 100 yards.

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AP20 Access Point & (3) ML440 Cordless Phone Bundle 730653
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113114
  • Old Part #: 730653

This bundle is an incredible deal, giving you one of the best cordless phone systems, with one Access Point and three ML440 cordless phones.

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  • Part #: SL2-Q24-FR000000125806
  • Model: DTZ Replacement Batteries

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ML440 Cordless Phone Spare Battery Pack 730657
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113082
  • Old Part #: 730657

Give your ML440 cordless phone new life by replacing the battery or just keep one on hand as a safety net.

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  • Part #: SL2-Q24-FR000000109017
  • Model: ML440 Rubber Holder

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Leather Case for the ML440 Phone 730661
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113118
  • Old Part #: 730661

This stylish leather case will protect your cordless phone from scratches and damage.

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  • Part #: SL2-Q24-FR000000113096
  • Model: Swivel Belt Clip Set

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Ceiling-Mount Bracket for AP20 730658
  • New Part #: Q24-FR000000113115
  • Old Part #: 730658

Free up valuable desk or wall space by mounting your Access Point to the ceiling with this well-designed bracket.

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