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KSU Equipment

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SL1100 Main KSU 8-Digital x 4-Analog 1100010
  • Part #: SL-1100010
  • Model: IP4NA-1228M-B KSU

The SL1100 Key Service Unit (KSU) is powerfully designed and well-equipped to handle 8 digital stations right out of the box, while also capable of expansion.

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SL1100 Expansion KSU 8-Digital x 4-Analog 1100011
  • Part #: SL-1100011
  • Model: IP4NA-1228ME-B EXP

Does your business phone system need to expand? This expansion KSU will allow for seamless growth as you add more phones and phone lines.

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External Battery Box without Batteries 1100114
  • Part #: SL-1100114

Battery back-up is essential for anyone who can’t afford to lose their office phone system during a power outage. This battery box can be mounted on the wall or the floor.

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SL1100 Expansion Unit Interface Card 1100110
  • Part #: SL-1100110
  • Model: IP4NA-EXIFB-C1

If you need to expand your digital business phone system, this card will allow your main KSU to integrate with up to two other expansion KSUs.

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