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Why to Choose My Tech Distributors

When you choose My Tech Distributors, you're choosing a partner who's here to make your job easier, every step of the way!

Pre-Programmed Systems

We specialize in pre-programming phone systems, to make your job much easier and faster, saving you hours of time on the jobsite.

Pre-Built Systems

When you purchase a phone system from us, it will come pre-built and pre-configured, for an easy plug-and-play installation.

Pre-Tested Systems

DOA equipment happens, and when it does, it can cost you precious time. That's why we pre-test all equipment for quality assurance before shipping.

Support You Can Rely On

All of our technicians have been in the field and understand the importance of great support. We provide comprehensive, remote programming tech support that you can rely on.

Fast Shipping

All orders placed by 4:30pm (EST) will ship the same day! Plus, all orders over $599 ship for free!
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Fast, Friendly Service

From pre-sale questions, to quotes, to order processing, our friendly sales and support staff is here to help you every step of the way.

When You Buy From an Off-the-Shelf Distributor

When you buy from an off-the-shelf distributor you might get it for less at first, but in the long run it may cost you a lot more.

Here's What You Get from Off-the-Shelf Distributors:

  • Boxes of parts
  • Out of date software/firmware (depending on how long it sat on their shelf)
  • Factory default database that gets you:
    • Extensions that don’t go to voicemail
    • Trunks that don’t pass Caller ID to voicemail
    • Extensions that are not in the Page All group
    • Circus music-on-hold
    • Many, many other small details that you’ll need to setup on every system, extension, and trunk
  • Little or NO Tech Support
  • Very little, and slow, assistance when ordering licenses
  • Cumbersome return policies

When You Buy From My Tech Distributors

What sets us apart from the competition is that you can always count on receiving consistent quality service with every phone system!

Here's What You Get From My Tech Distributors:

  • Pre-Installed expansion cards
  • Upgraded to the latest version of software and firmware
  • Pre-loaded licenses
  • Pre-loaded professionally recorded music-on-hold
  • Pre-Tested to verify your system is working in order to avoid any DOA parts
  • A Pre-Punched, easy-to-install 66-Block
  • Pre-programmed popular features such as
    • Feature Keys, Line Keys, One-Touch Intercom Keys that shows a (BLF) Busy Lamp Field of who is on the phone, Conference Keys, One-Touch Voicemail, Toll Restriction Classes, Delayed Auto-Attendant, Night Mode and Holiday Modes, System Numbering, Simple user-friendly feature key programming on all phones based on specific models
    • Many other changes and tweaks that simplify your job as an installer
  • Step-by-Step, comprehensive, remote programming, tech support that stays with you until the system is up and running
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