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Our NEC SL phone systems come Fully Loaded with so many time saving features, you can literally take them out of the box and hang them right on the wall!


Pre-Installed Cards

Whether you purchase a simple 4 line x 8 extension phone system, or you max it out with 3 fully-loaded expansion cabinets, every card will come pre-installed.

Updated Software

Your system will come pre-loaded with the newest software version, so that you have access to all of the latest features.

On-Hold Message

We pre-load a professionally recorded, studio-quality, on-hold message so that the business sounds professional from the very first call. (Note: the pre-loaded message is generic, however custom on-hold messages are available.)

Custom Cabinet Labeling

If you've seen the inside of an SL system, then you know that the ports are not clearly marked. We print custom labels and attach them to the expansion cards to help you easily identify the function of every port.


Systems come pre-loaded with our time-tested, custom programming, so basic, yet important, functionality is availalble right out of the box. This is a great help to installers, because it means limited down-time for your customers.

Out-of-the-Box Functionality

  • Users can make outgoing calls
  • Users can receive incoming calls
  • All users will already have working voicemail boxes
  • An auto-attendant will be ready to answer calls
  • Phones will be programmed with user-friendly functions
  • and much, much more!


We perform vigorous testing and quality assurance procedures to your equipment before it leaves our facility. Every port is pre-tested, including paging ports, MOH & BGM ports, so you can feel confident that the system will work as expected on-site.

Quality Control Checklist:

  • CPU Card Tested
  • Voice Mail Tested*
  • Station Ports Tested
  • Line Ports Tested
  • Page Port Tested
  • VoIP Ports Tested*
  • All Cards Pre-Loaded
  • Music On-Hold Loaded
  • Licenses Loaded*
  • Software Upgraded
*When applicable.

Hardware, Labels & More

Pre-Punched 66-Block*

Our phone systems kits included a Free pre-punched 66-block with easy plug cables. We also include easy-to-follow installation instructions that show you just where to plug each cable.

Audio Cables

We provide audio cables to accomodate external audio devices such as paging or music on-hold player.

Programming Cable

We include a programming cable to connect your laptop directly to the phone system, so that you, or our technicians, can program the system using the NEC PCPro Software.

Phone Labels

Every phone system kit comes with phone labels to cover the kit phones.

Installation Guides

You'll receive custom, printed installation guides.

*A small amount of system kits do not include a 66-block. Please see product descriptions for full details.
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