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NEC SL2100 Firmware v5.20.00


Keep your SL2100 Phone System up-to-date with the latest version of firmware. The latest system software for the SL2100 is v5.20.00. See below for changes and upgrade instructions.

Feature Enhancements in v4.00.00:

General bug fixes.

PCPro v3.10.00 is required to connect to a system that is using v3.10.00 Firmware

Feature Enhancements in v3.00.00:

  • Dispatchable Location for Emergency Calls
  • InUC Web Client – ST500 Integration
  • InUC Web Client in ST500 on GT890

Security Improvements:

  • IP Single Line Telephone (SIP) – Blocked-List Check
  • Strong Password Requirement
  • WebPro session ID expansion

Resolved Field Complaints:

  • F200622002 - Inmail Park and Page playing Routing Box greeting over paging.

Feature Enhancements in v2.20.00:

Adds support for the DT920 Color Display, Desi-Less, IP Phone

Feature Enhancements in v2.00.06:

  • Supports the InDECT Lua application

Resolved Field Complaints in v2.00.06:

  • F181203001 - Wireless Headset not hanging up on SL1100 IP phone with WHA
  • F171204001 - Message Waiting on the Voice Mail key (SC 751: 77) clears after failed security code login
  • F190403002 - Door Box and DSS Console
  • F180427003 - Incoming DID to All Ring Department Group Drops

Feature Enhancements in v2.00.00:

  • iOS Push Notification Support
  • InCapture (Built-In Packet Capture)
  • TLS Support for Standard SIP Extensions
  • Delayed Incoming Ring Group Ringing

Resolved Field Complaints in v2.00.00:

  • F190204001 - When more than one incoming call is sent to DID (7265) then.
    • 1. The CPU is not sending 180 Ringing or 183 Session Progress after Sending a 100 trying.
    • 2. In addition CPU appears to be ignoring some INVITES.
  • F180913003 - Failed to enter day mode per Automatic schedule.
  • F180427003 - Incoming DID to All Ring Department Group drops.
  • F190116003 - PRG 45-02-01 not showing correctly Web Pro.
  • F181211003 - SL2100 does not show an error when running 90-68-01 for CO trunks with no dial tone or non CO trunks.
  • Feature Enhancements in v1.50.24:

    • F180905001 - SL2100 message notification with analog trunk.
    • F181210004 - InUC incoming chat with Chrome does not bring the web client to top focus.
    • F181115001 - Unable to access PRG 90-37 from pure IP SL2100.
    • Error: Bad Media Description (200) received when trying to make calls from Browser Phone with Chrome 70 or higher.

    Feature Enhancements in v1.50.13:

    • InUC Web Client - Browser Phone Mode
    • SSH Control
    • Loop Key Enhancement
    • Phone Pro
    • Lua PMS
    • ST500 Support
    • InGuard - Toll Fraud Guard

    Note: The following enhancements will take affect with the next upgrade performed. You will not see these enhancements when upgrading to v1.53.13.

    • Faster Upgrade Process
    • Alarm LED now flashes during an upgrade indicated it is still in progress.
    • Web Pro Software Update Screen updated with new text warning against removing power during upgrade process.

    Fixed In v1.50.13:

    • F180329001 - Cannot block an extension from showing in the phone directory.
    • F171213002 - InMail Upload Audio is making a popping noise on message playback.
    • F180405008 - Program Names for PRG 24-02 in WebPro are very confusing.
    • F180103005 - System would not boot back up after an attempt to upgrade.

    Fixed in v1.05.09:

    • F180213001 - Uploaded WAV files for VRS audio have a Click heard at the start.
    • F171205005 - No tone at paging handset on External Zone Page.
    • F171213002 - InMail Upload Audio is making a popping noise on message playback.

    Fixed in v1.05.03:

    • F180108002 - Call forward display is not showing
    • F170915001 - SL2100 InUC Client Call Forward only allows 8 digits
    • F170927008 - Built in modem is not connecting

    Fixed in v1.04.05

    • F170814001 - VBD not working
    • F170831004 - Upgrading SL2100 to version 1.04.00 causes InMail to become non responsive
    • F170905003 - System locks up and resets
    • F170913002 - Date option not working
    • F170830001 - Delay in Key Press response from telephone

    Fixed In v1.03.01:

    • F170719004 - Can't upgrade system with PC Pro. (The current PC Pro can be used to perform update)

    New In v1.01.00:

    InMail Security Enhancement:

    • To prevent unwanted access to InMail mailboxes the SL2100 will no longer allow remote logon to mailboxes that do not have a security code set.
    • If a mailbox does NOT have a security code set, users will hear "that mailbox does not exist" when trying to log into that mailbox from the main greeting.
    • There are no programming changes required to enable this feature.

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