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NEC SL2100 PC Pro v5.30.00


NEC SL2100 PC Pro is the software needed to connect to the SL2100 phone system and make programming changes. The current version of PC Pro is v5.30.00

Feature Enhancements in v4.00.00:

General bug fixes.

PCPro v3.10.00 is required to connect to a system that is using v3.10.00 Firmware

Feature Enhancements in v3.00.00:

PCPro v3.00.00 supports the new software features include in Firmware

Feature Enhancements in v2.20.00:

The SL2100 PC Pro software version 2.00.05 adds support for the DT920 Color-Display, Desi-Less, IP Phone.

Feature Enhancements in v2.00.05:

The SL2100 PC Pro software version 2.00.05 has been released to support Main CPU software v2.00.06 and the InDECT Lua application.

Fixed In v2.00.04:

  • F190806001: PCPRO V2.00.03 Cannot Set 15-02-68 for IP Terminals

V2.00.00 - V2.0 general release.

Fixed In v1.56.00:

  • F181112002 - Modifying System Password via Script file exposes Manufacturer Password.

Feature Enhancements In v1.53.00:

  • InUC Programming
  • In Easy Edit

Fixed In v1.53.00:

  • F180329001 - Cannot block an extension from showing in the phone directory.
  • F171213002 - InMail Upload Audio is making a popping noise on message playback.
  • F180131002 - Feature Code 84 (Drop Key) does not appear in PC Pro 15-07 drop down list.
  • F180405009 - Program Names for PRG 24-02 in PC Pro very confusing.

Fixed In v1.04.00:

  • F170905002 - PCPro ONLY: Program 47-11 does not let you assign any mailbox number above MB 112.
  • F171003003 - Cannot build Group Mail box for ACD Delay Announcement.
  • F171024001 - SL2100 PCPro and ACD pilots
  • F170605001 - PCPro does not show the licenses for InControl.

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