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Chassis Equipment

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Chassis (Main / Expansion) BE116491
  • Part #: SL2-BE116491
  • Model: IP7NA-4KSU-C1

The SL2100's wall mountable chassis features 4 slide-in card slots. This single chassis can act as both the main or expansion chassis.

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CPU Card BE116496
  • Part #: SL2-BE116496
  • Model: IP7NA-CPU-C1

The powerful CPU card provides VoIP channels, voicemail storage, mobile extension clients and more.

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Expansion Card for Main Chassis (Adds 12 Vmail Ports) BE116501
  • Part #: SL2-BE116501
  • Model: IP7NA-EXIFB-C1

The main chassis expansion card is needed to interface 1 or 2 additional chassis. It also provides 12 additional InMail ports

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Expansion Card for Expansion Chassis BE116504
  • Part #: SL2-BE116504
  • Model: IP7NA-EXIFE-C1

Each expansion chassis requires this additional card in order to interface with the main chassis.

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Rack Shelf for Single Chassis
  • Part #: SL2-Q24-FR000000127823
  • Model: SL2100 Rack Shelf

The rack shelf allows a single chassis to be conveniently mounted in to a 19-inch rack.

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