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DSX IP Starter Package (4-Port VoIP DB, VoIP Phone, PoE Adapter) 1091028
  • Part #: DSX-1091028

Make your DSX PBX phone system VoIP compatible by adding this IP starter package. It comes with everything you need, a 4-Port VoIP Daughter Board, a 34-key VoIP phone, and adapter.

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DSX VoIP 4-Port Daughter Board 1091044
  • Part #: DSX-1091044
  • Model: VOIPDB-A1

The VoIP Daughter Board Card gives your DSX phone system VoIP capabilities. It provides four IP gateway ports and is expandable through licensing.

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VoIP 4-Port Expansion License 1091046
  • Part #: DSX-1091046

The VoIP Gateway 4-Port License allows you to expand the number of VOIP gateway ports on the VoIP Gateway 4-Port Daughter Board up to the system maximum.

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DSX VoIP 34-Key Display Phone (Black) 1090034
  • Part #: DSX-1090034
  • Model: 34BTIXH

This VoIP phone features 10 personal speed dial keys, 24 programmable feature keys, and 4 interactive soft keys - perfect for any offsite office.

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DSX VoIP 34-Key Super Display Phone (Black) 1090035
  • Part #: DSX-1090035

This huge 9 line alpha type x 24 character LCD Display IP phone makes the perfect addition to your remote office.

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EnGenius 802.3af PoE Injector ( Recommended 1 per IP set)
  • Part #: EPE-581af

This plug-and-play Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors is designed for direct data runs from a switch to IP phones - the Recommended way to install IP sets.

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DSX VoIP Phone and PC PoE Adapter 1091045
  • Part #: DSX-1091045
  • Model: IPA-A1

This DSX IP Adapter connects the DSX IP phone and a computer to the LAN, and provides POE when a Power Over Ethernet (POE) switch is not being used.

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