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Sangoma High Availability Redundancy License

Sangoma PBXact High Availability (Redundancy) License enables automatic mirroring and failover between two FreePBX systems.

Sangoma Appointment Reminder

Using the Appointment Reminder module is a unique way to automate appointment reminders. It allows you to add names and numbers that the PBX will automatically call at specified times to allow recipients to confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments.

Sangoma Call Recordings Report

With the Call Recordings Report module you can view, sort, listen, achieve, and download all of the recorded calls on your system.

Sangoma CallerID Management

Using the CallerID Management module is a unique way to modify caller ID on the fly.

Sangoma Class of Service

The Class of Service module, or COS module, lets you restrict extensions from dialing the following destinations of your PBX: outbound routes, feature codes, ring groups, queues, conference rooms, voicemail blast groups, paging

Sangoma Conference Pro

The Conference Pro module is an add-on to the existing Conference module that lets you create conference rooms.

Sangoma Extension Routing

Extension routing lets you control which extensions are allowed to use which outbound routes.

Sangoma Fax Pro

The Fax Pro module adds functionality to the standard FreePBX Fax module.

Sangoma Outbound Call Limit

The Outbound Call Limit module allows you to place restrictions on how many times a number is called during a certain period of time.

Sangoma Paging Pro

The Paging Pro module lets you create page groups, schedule events for these groups, and link them to any outbound route.


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