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NEC SL1100 & DSX SIP Trunks

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ Is there a minimum number of SIP lines I can sell to one end-user? + How much can I make selling SIP Trunks? + Can I receive residual/reoccurring monthly commissions selling SIP Trunks? + Can I take a bigger up-front commission instead of a residual/reoccurring monthly commission? + How does the Long-Term Payout Plan work? + How does the Cash Payout Plan commissions work? + How does the Residual/Reoccurring commissions work? + Is there a sales quota in order to continue receiving residual/reoccurring monthly commissions? + Can I switch my contract plans? + If I stop selling and/or if I or MTP terminate(s) my contract do I still receive my residual/reoccurring monthly commissions on past sales? + How do I get started? + How does the Fast Start Promotion work? + Is it hard to install SIP Trunks? I've never done it. + Do I need Network IT experience to install SIP Trunks? + How do I know my customer's site will handle SIP Trunks?

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Telecom & data installers can make great up front and residual commissions by reselling SIP Trunks.

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