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    • Part #: SL2-SSK-1232-IP

    SL2100 VoIP Kit w/ (12) IP Phones

    Configuration: 16 IP Ports
    Phones: (12) DESI-Less IP Phones
    Vmail: 4 Ports
    Configuration: 16 IP Ports
    Phones: (12) DESI-Less IP Phones
    Vmail: 4 Ports


    1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Advanced Replacement

    If this equipment fails within the first 30 days, we'll ground ship a brand new replacement part for free!

    What's Included

    (1) SL2100 Chassis, (1) CPU Card, (16) VoIP Ports, (4) Built-In Voicemail Ports, (2) Hours of Voicemail Storage, (12) DESI-Less IP Telephones, (1) Power Supply, (1) Power Cord, (4) Slots for Station Cards, Programming Cable, MOH/Paging Adapter, Pre-Loaded Latest Software, Pre-Installed Expansion Cards, Pre-Assembled & Fully Tested, Pre-Loaded Music On Hold, (30) Days Advance Replacement
    Product Description

    Phone System Features

    SL2100 Chassis


    The SL2100's wall/rack mountable chassis features 4 slide-in card slots, power supply and power cord.

    CPU Card


    The powerful CPU card provides 8 VoIP channels, 4 ports of InMail/VRS with 2 hours of storage, and 4 Mobile Extension clients.

    VoIP Daughter Board


    The VoIP card provides 16 VoIP channels to the SL21100 to be used for IP phones, trunks, or networking.

    IP DESI-Less Telephone


    This impressive VoIP phone features a large display for (4) 8-key screens giving users a total of 32 programmable buttons.

    4 Voicemail Ports


    The built-in InMail provides 4 voicemail/VRS ports and allows for 2-hours of storage and English voice prompts. The SL2100 InMail voicemail features 128 mailboxes, 32 group mailboxes and 32 routing mailboxes. It also offers popular features such as Cascading Message Notification, Find-Me/Follow-Me, Park & Page, Automatci Access to Voicemail by Caller ID, Message Notification Queuing and Hotel/Motel Check-In. Think you'll need more storage?

    Newest Software Version

    We'll make sure that no matter when you purchase your system, it will always come pre-loaded with the newest version of NEC software, so you have access to the latest features, right out of the box.

    Pre-Assembled and Quality Assurance Testing

    We'll load pre-install every expansion card you purchase with this kit, and test every port so you never have to worry about out-of-the-box failures.

    Pre-Loaded On-Hold Music

    Don't lose callers when they're placed on hold! - We pre-load the InMail voicemail with a professional, studio quality on-hold message.

    Programming Cable


    We include a programming cable so you can connect the phone system to your laptop or PC.

    Audio Connectors for MOH/BGM


    Using an external On-Hold Player or Paging Horn with this phone system? We supply you with a compatible audio connector.

    30-Day Advanced Replacement

    Free 30-Day Advance Replacement on all System Parts & Phones. We Ship Brand New Parts for Free, and Pay Shipping Both Ways!

    Lunch is On Us! at Subway (for phone installers)

    This kit qualifies for our "Lunch is On Us!" reseller/installer program. Have Lunch on Us while you're installing this phone system, and keep receiving rewards with every system you buy!

    License Activation

    We pre-load most licenses (when purchased with an SL2100 phone system), so they're ready to use right out of the box!

    1. During Checkout, you will be asked to supply a site name and address
    2. We will contact NEC and request a license code for you
    3. Most licenses are pre-loaded before your system even ships
    4. If your license can not be pre-loadeded, your license will be emailed to you within 24 business hours
    5. See our Tech Tip on Uploading Your SL1100 License
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