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  • Part #: SL2-BE116749
  • Model: SL2100-SL Net-08 Lic

SLNet 8-Channel License BE116749

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With an SLNET License, multiple SL2100s can be networked between remote sites.

What's Included

(1) SLNet 8-Channel License

Return Policy

Licenses are non-refundable
Product Description

SLNet 8-Channel License *

Provides (8) channels of VoIP networking capability between SL2100 sites. Additional SLNet 8-Channel Licenses can be added to a site – depending on the network traffic requirement.

A maximum of (16) SLNet 8-Channel Licenses is allowed per site.

A minimum of (1) SLNet 8-Channel License is required for each site in the network.

Maximum of (50) sites in a network.

Can also be used to network SL2100 sites with SL1100 sites. However, the maximum number of sites to which an SL1100 system can be networked is 4.

Features include:

  • Centralized Network Attendant
  • Centralized or local InMail voice mail system
  • Intercom between all sites
  • Share trunks between all sites
  • BLF and Centralized Park Orbits across network

Maximum combined network trunk and station ports total is 256.

Each system in the network must be equipped with an appropriate quantity of VoIP channels to handle that system’s network traffic. There are (8) VoIP channels built into the CPU. Additional VoIP channels can be added with the VoIP Daughter Board and one or more 16-Channel VoIP Licenses. See page 3 for details.

The quantity of VoIP channels that is required for each SLNet site is determined by the amount of VoIP traffic at that site (IP phones, SIP trunks, and SLNetworking).

License Activation

We pre-load most licenses (when purchased with an SL2100 phone system), so they're ready to use right out of the box!

  1. During Checkout, you will be asked to supply a site name and address
  2. We will contact NEC and request a license code for you
  3. Most licenses are pre-loaded before your system even ships
  4. If your license can not be pre-loadeded, your license will be emailed to you within 24 business hours
  5. See our Tech Tip on Uploading Your SL1100 License