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  • Part #: SL2-AR-KSU
  • Model: SL2-AR-KSU

5-Year Advance Replacement for (1) NEC SL2100 Main Chassis + All Cards Inside


Product Description

Our NEC SL2100 5-Year Advance Replacement Plan gives your advance replacement for (1) Main or Expansion Chassis and all of the cards contained inside.

If an essential component should fail – such as the control unit, CPU card, expansion cards, or voicemail – we’ll replace the part(s) and ship it for free to you, overnight!

We completely remove the hassles of dealing with repair centers, warranty exchanges, and waiting for your item to be fixed and returned to you.

With an Advance Replacement Plan

  • We ship you a brand new part for free.
  • The new part will arrive in 1 business day.
  • We pay the cost for you to ship us the faulty part.
  • Your company is back in business the very next day!

Frequently Asked Question

If the NEC SL2100 comes with a 5-Year Warranty, why do I need an Advance Replacement Plan?

While it's true that the SL2100 comes with a great warranty, if your system was to fail due to a faulty piece of equipment, you would be responsible for shipping the defective part to NEC's repair center, where repairs generally take 5-6 weeks before it's ground shipped back to you. Meaning your phone system, and more importantly, your business, has been down for weeks. Our Advance Replacment gives you the peace of mind, that your phone system will be back up and operating within 24 business hours.

How It Works

In the case that a critical component inside your SL2100 phone system should fail, and you've purchased a 5-Year Advance Replacement Plan, here's how we get you back up and running fast:

  1. Call us to report a down phone system. Our technicians will determine if a replace part is needed
  2. Purchase a replacement for the defective part (You'll be 100% refunded!)
  3. We'll Overnight Ship your new part for freevia UPS Next Day Air
  4. The phone installer onsite installs the new part to get the system (and your business) back up and running
  5. We include a pre-paid UPS shipping label, so you can ship us the defective part for free
  6. As soon as we receive the defective part, we'll issue you a 100% full refund
  7. for the replacement
  8. You end up paying $0.00 at the time of the replacement

Parts that are Covered

  • KSU Equipment

    • Main/Expansion Chassis
    • CPU Card
    • "Main" Expansion Card
    • "Expansion" Expansion Card
  • Voicemail

    • InMail SD Card Small
    • InMail SD Card Large
  • Expansion Cards

    • 3-Port CO Daughter Card
    • CO Expansion Mounting Card
    • 8-Port Digital Station Card
    • 8-Port Analog Station Card
  • VoIP & T1 Cards

    • VoIP Daughter Card
    • T1/PRI Card

Plans do not cover any phones or parts outside a KSU or Chassis.

  • This additional Emergency Advanced Replacement Plan starts after our free Advanced Replacement ends, and runs 5 years from system purchase date
  • Resellers/Service Tech MUST contact one of our certified NEC techs while onsite to assist, troubleshoot, and document, in the determination of the problem(s) and or defect(s) in order to rule out programming, associated accessories, or user error before an Emergency Advanced Replacement is authorized for shipment
  • If the new replacement part(s) does not fix the problem, the Reseller/Customer is responsible to return the original replacement part(s) back including shipping costs
  • Reseller/Customer must pay the upfront cost of a new part(s) and any applicable shipping before we ship the replacement part(s), once the defective part(s) arrives in NEC’s repair center and is accessed as warrantable, Reseller/Customer will receive a full refund for the part(s) only, please allow 2-3 weeks for refund
  • Defective part(s) that are not received back to NEC Repair within 30 days from received date will no longer be eligible for a refund
  • Part(s) can only be advance replaced one time, after that normal NEC warranty practices apply
  • We will ship a factory refurbished or new replacement part(s) at our discretion
  • Replacement part(s) carry a full NEC warranty balance up to 5 years from the original system purchase date
  • Emergency Advanced Replacement Plan is nontransferable from original end-user owner
  • We will swap out through NEC any applicable licenses, however Resellers are responsible for reloading them
  • There are never any refunds on shipping
  • This is an Advanced Replacement Plan, NOT a Warranty Plan
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