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  • Part #: SL-1100086

Hotel/Motel License 1100086

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This license will give you all the features you need to successfully run your motel or hotel, such as Wake Up Call and more.

What's Included

(1) Hotel/Motel License

Return Policy

Licenses are non-refundable
Product Description

Only one of these licenses is needed for your PBX system and it will give you all the features you need to successfully run your business such as wake up calls and call restrictions.

Provides Hotel/Motel features, such as wake up call, single digit dialing menu, message waiting, room-to-room calling restriction, toll restriction, room status, and room status reports.

License Features

  • Maximum (1) per system
  • Wake Up Call
  • Single Digit Dialing Menu
  • Message Waiting
  • Room-to-Room Calling Restriction
  • Toll Restriction (When checked in)
  • Room Status (set and monitor)
  • Room Status Reports

This license does NOT provide interface with PMS systems. If system is equipped with InMail, and "Check-In" related Hotel/Motel features are needed. The advanced InMail Feature License (1100084) is also required.

NEC Licenses are uploaded to the CPU Card and are associated directly to the System's Hardware Key Code. Licenses cannot be returned or assigned to another phone system.

License Activation

NEC requires a Site Name and Address in order to generate an SL1100 License Code.

  1. During Checkout, you will be asked to supply a site name and address
  2. We will contact NEC and request a license code for you
  3. Within 24-48 business hours, we will email you the license code
  4. See our Tech Tip on Uploading Your SL1100 License