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    • Part #: SL-1100009
    • Model: 1100009

    SL1100 Analog CO Line Kit w/ (6) 24-Key Phones

    Configuration: 4 CO Line Ports x 8 Digital Ports x 4 Analog Ports
    Phones: (6) 24-Key Digital Phones
    Vmail: 2 Ports
    Configuration: 4 CO Line Ports x 8 Digital Ports x 4 Analog Ports
    Phones: (6) 24-Key Digital Phones
    Vmail: 2 Ports


    1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Advanced Replacement

    If this equipment fails within the first 30 days, we'll ground ship a brand new replacement part for free!

    What's Included

    SL1100 Main KSU (0 x 8 x 4), 4-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board, (4) Mobile Extension Licenses, 2-Port InMail Voicemail, CPU Board, Power Supply, 8.5 Foot AC Cable, (6) Digital 24-Button Phones, 9 Foot Handset Cords, 25-Pack of 24-Button Phone Labels, 30-Day Advance Replacement
    Product Description

    An excellent choice for a small business phone system, this set includes the KSU, a 4-port CO daughter board, a 2-port InMail voicemail, six black 24-button digital phones and their labels, and an installation cable for easy connection.

    Phone System Features

    KSU (Control Unit)


    The SL1100 Key Service Unit (KSU) is powerfully designed and well-equipped to handle 8 digital and 4 analog stations right out of the box, while also capable of expansion.

    4-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board


    Supplies four loop-start CO trunks for your SL1100 PBX phone system.

    Mobile Extension Licenses


    Allows a cell phone to link to the SL1100 and operate as an internal single-line telephone. (Each mobile extension takes up an analog port in the system.)

    2-Port InMail Voicemail


    This business voicemail is a terrific selection for a sizable company, providing 2 ports x 15 hours of storage capacity.

    Digital 24-Button Telephones (Black)


    These full-duplex phones include features such as a backlit 3-line/24-character display, backlit dial pad, user programmable function keys with red/green LEDs, four soft keys, nine fixed feature keys, navigator key, 24 user programmable function keys, 2-step leg angle adjustment, headset jack, and a 9-foot handset cord.

    Phone Labels


    24-Button Phone Labels (pkg. of 25).

    30-Day Advance Replacement

    30-Day Advance Replacement on all System Parts & Phones. We Ship Brand New Parts for Free, and Pay Shipping Both Ways!

    License Activation

    NEC requires a Site Name and Address in order to generate an SL1100 License Code.

    1. During Checkout, you will be asked to supply a site name and address
    2. We will contact NEC and request a license code for you
    3. Within 24-48 business hours, we will email you the license code
    4. See our Tech Tip on Uploading Your SL1100 License
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