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  • Part #: SG-HA-L-2000
  • Model: PBXT-OPT-HAV-2000

High Availability License, Real Time Redundant System (2nd Sys. w/Lic. req.) for UC 2000

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This License enables mirroring and failover between two Sangoma PBXact UC 2000 Phone Systems.

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What's Included

(1) High Availability Real Time Redundany License
Product Description

This product consists of one (1) High Availability, Real Time Redundany License

  • The Sangoma High Availability (Redundancy) License requires two PBXact UC Phone Systems
  • One (1) License is required for each phone system
  • Systems require duplicate licensing in order for licenses to be backed up

How It Works

Sangoma's High Availability (Redundany) Licensing activate mirroring and failover between two Sangoma PBXact UC Phone Systems. Phones and devices are registered to a floating IP address, so the failover between systems will be transparent to users.

SIP Trunks will register to the active node, and if utilizing a PSTN Failover Appliance (optional), the T1 or Analog lines will be directed to the active node as well. When the primary PBX is repaired or recovers, you can switch back to the primary PBXact node in just seconds.

Setup and configuration is done in the PBXact GUI, which can also be used as an online management tool to easily switch between nodes.