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    • Part #: LL-CRA-8L-1TB-HDD
    • Model: LL-CRA-8L-1TB-HDD

    Line Logger Call Record & Accounting - 8 Line - 1 TB / 70K Hrs. HDD Storage

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    1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Advanced Replacement

    If this equipment fails within the first 30 days, we'll ground ship a brand new replacement part for free!

    What's Included

    60 days of Remote Installation; Programming; and Training Support, Each Unit includes 1 year of Manufactures Software Assurance (SA)
    Product Description

    Fully Standcallalone
    World's first HD touch screen embedded voice recorder. Record and playback on the device or any PC - anywhere.

    Expandable Capacity
    Each CT Plus has 4 slots for line interface cards, which allows users to make it 8, 16, 24 or 32 port recorder.

    Networking Feature
    Connect to the internet or intranet via RJ45 connection. Users can access to the recorders by PC locally or remotely.

    Call Detail Recording
    CT Plus doesn't just record the conversation. It also records the detail of each call, including call direction, time/date, duration, CID,trunk number and extension number. (if using SMDR integration)

    High Capacity Hard Disk Drive
    Each Line Logger comes with a removable 1TB HDD, andcapable of storing 70,000 hours of conversation (for 16 channel model, 5 hours per day, 5 days per week, it can record for more than 3 years of calls)

    Centralized Management
    The Manager software is capable of managing the Line Logger recorder centrally. The administrator can easily access any device with this software. The recording data can also be backed up on one single server.

    E-mail Notification
    Users can define the events which to be notified by email automatically, e.g. daily statistic report to the manager

    Warning Announcement (Optional)
    When the agent answers the call, CT Plus can playback a pre-recorded greeting to announce this call will be recorded.

    Message Taking Capability
    The Line Logger can be programmed to answer, play a greeting message and take a message. This feature is can be set by a time of day schedule for after hours use for example.

    Multi Recording Interface
    Recording interface includes PSTN trunk, analog extension of PBX, radio channels, microphone and phone handset. All interfaces can be mixed on one single device

    Live Call Monitoring
    Administrator can listen to live phone calls on the device or on the PC which runs the Line Logger software

    The Line Logger software generates various kinds ofstatistical chart reports. These help the supervisor to monitor theefficiency of the telephone system

    Auto Gain Control
    Auto Gain ControlThe sophisticated circuit design perfectly balances the volume of both local and remote sides of the call.