Playing a Greeting Message to Callers While Ringing Phones on the NEC SL2100

This feature allows you to play a recorded message to a caller while ringing telephones in a ring group. The message will play, and after a set number of repeats a 2nd message can also be played. When the call is answered the message stops and the caller is connected. Each incoming ring group can have its own unique message(s).

Get Connected

This Tech Tip requires access to the phone system using NEC PCPro Programming Software. To download the latest version of PCPro or for instructions on how to connect your computer to the phone system, please read the following: How to Connect to the NEC SL2100 or SL1100 Phone System for Programming.

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This feature uses built in VRS Messages. There are 100 VRS messages available per NEC SL2100 phone system.

Recording the Messages Using a Phone

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our NEC SL2100 phone systems come preloaded with an on-hold message in VRS Message 001.  So, in the steps below, we recommend beginning with VRS Message 002 in order to avoid overwriting the on-hold message.

Perform the following steps from a phone connected to the NEC SL2100 to record the VRS Message:

1. Dial 616 + 7 + XXX (XXX = VRS message number) to RECORD a message

2. Dial 616 + 5 + XXX to LISTEN to the message

3. Dial 616 + 3 + XXX to ERASE the message

Example Message 1: “Thank you for calling ABC company. Your call will be answered shortly.” 

Example Message 2: “All of our customer service reps are currently assisting other clients. Please hold for the next available representative.”

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Programming Steps

Trunk Setup

This feature is used with normal incoming call trunk setup.

1. Go to Program 22-02: Incoming Call Trunk Setup

2. Set Mode 1 (Day Mode) to Normal

Message Setup & Options

1. Go to Program 22-14: VRS Queue Message for Incoming Ring Group

2. Use the “Incoming Ring Group” Search bar to navigate to the desired Ring Group

Use these fields to customize your message playback:

22-14-01: This is the amount of times the phones will ring before the message starts playing. For the quickest time set to 1. (0 = not in use).

22-14-02: This is the VRS Message number that you recorded the greeting in. So if you recorded the greeting in VRS Message 002, enter a 2 in this field.

22-14-03: This is the number of times the message will play/replay, as the phones are ringing.

22-14-04: If you’ve recorded two messages, use this field to enter the VRS Message number that you recorded the 2nd message in.

22-14-05: This is the number of times the 2nd message will play/replay, as the phones are ringing.

22-14-06: Use this field to specify what the caller will hear after the messages have played. (Options are: Ring Back Tone, MOH tone, or BGM source)

22-14-07: This is the timer at which the phone system will disconnect the call if there is no answer. This should be set to a high number, such as 600.

3. Apply and upload your changes

When a call comes in to the system, it will follow the timer set in Program 22-01-04, and go to the destination set in Program 22-08.

If you wish for the caller to remain in queue, set the timer in Program 22-01-04 to a number high enough to give the users time to answer the call.