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SL 1100 PC Pro v7.20.00


NEC SL1100 PC Pro is the software needed to connect to the SL1100 phone system and make programming changes. PCPro version 7.20.00 has been released to support the 7.21 release of the SL1100 Main System Software and to resolve the following field complaint.

What's Included?

  • PC Pro Programming Software
  • Verification Tool
    • This tool can be used to verify the zip file was downloaded in it's entirety. Download this tool and run it against the zip file. The verification code must be 78E2-5FA2-E5AF-2D or the file is not complete. Refer to the readme.pdf for instructions on how to use the tool.)
  • ReadMe.pdf

Resolved Field Complaints:

F170809001 - SL1100 PCPro 7.00 Crashes when attempting to select any options from Standard View.

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